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At Colin Bowles Ltd, we design, create and manufacture support systems, armatures, pedestals and bases.


These are specifically tailored for individual objects using the highest quality of metals, acrylics and wood.


We always ensure that consideration for the stability and security of an object is balanced with a pursuit for the minimal aesthetic intrusion.


Our signature bronze patinated finish is known throughout the industry

We believe that there is no one technical solution for all requirements and make use of different materials (metals, acrylics, wood and stone) to ensure optima presentation of the work of art.


This attention to the individual detail of each object, along with the acute understanding of the composition and material of sculpture and works of art is something in which each of our staff has been trained.


Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our mount makers. We can book you in for an appointment onsite, or you can arrange to have your object delivered to us.


All objects are kept in secure storage and handled with expert care for the duration of work. 

Our team can provide unique mount recommendations and estimates once a detailed survey of the object takes place.

We make all components of our mounts from scratch. Time and care is put into each element to ensure it is unique to the object.


So please allow roughly a 4 week minimum turnaround for this process. Timeframes for more complex jobs will be confirmed upon initiation. Please notify our team of any related deadlines upon initial request.

We present 

thE most sympathetic approach,

balancing security and

minimal aesthetic



We install works of art all over the world, working with designers and decorators to create the perfect aesthetic and safe environment for the work of art.


We have worked with objects in all mediums-glass, ivory, mosaic, wood, stone, marble and metalwork and with works of art of all sizes; from a small icon to monumental sculpture and whole architectural compositions.


If you have an exhibition or installation that requires mounts to be produced and installed, please contact us to discuss. 

We will work closely with you to design the most suitable and unique mount display in line with your curatorial vision.


Our mounts are made using conservation grade materials and each object is treated with the highest degree of sensitivity. 

Where it is not possible to have the objects delivered to our workshop, we will arrange survey, measuring and fitting visits onsite prior to installation.

Please arrange a consultation to discuss pricing guides and schedules. 

Jewellery mount making at the Waddesdon Treasury a Waddesdon Manor
Mount making and installation of Waddesdon Treasury a Waddesdon Manor
Exhibition installation of The Waddesdon Bequest, British Museum
Mount making and installation of Waddesdon Treasury

Bowles conservation Associates

Restoration and conservtion of stone

At Bowles Conservation Associates we are experts in objects conservation & restoration 

We aim to provide practical, straight-forward solutions working closely with our clients to get the results they need while keeping our main focus on the welfare of the object. We can provide method statements and condition reports, advice on packing, collection care, travel and installation.​

For more information please visit

Make an enquiry.

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