News from Colin Bowles

Our collaboration with the Royal Collection Trust continues

We have been busy over the past months working on numerous projects for the Royal Collection Trust, proudly reinforcing our ever growing relationship with this prestigious institution.


- The touring exhibition "Splendours of the Continent" presents some of the finest Indian treasures from the Royal Collection. We worked on the large majority of the mounts for those objects as well as the installation of the exhibition throughout  its tour of UK. After Bradford and Leicester, it will next go to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. You can currently see it at the New Walk Musuem & Art Gallery in Bradford until the 29th of October 2017. The Queen's Gallery in Edinburgh will open on the 15 December 2017 until 15 April 2018. 

- We created book mounts for "Shadows of War: Roger Fenton's Photographs of the Crimea" opening on the 4th of August at The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The display will be open until 26 November 2017.

- We have worked on a number of mounts for "Canaletto & the art of Venice" currently on display at The Queen's Gallery in Buckingham Palace until the 12 November 2017. This exhibition will take you into the beautiful city of Venice through a spectacular selection of Canaletto finest paintings and other Italian 18th Century artists. 

- Last but not least, we were thrilled to work again with the Royal Collection for their annual Buckingham Palace Summer Opening. "Royal Gifts" is the public's chance to enter The Palace, for 10 weeks only and see a special exhibition retracing The Queen's reign through an important display of official gifts that Her Majesty received during the past 65 years. 

We are very proud to have been part of this project for the major party of the last 2 months! The exhibition will be open until Sunday 1 October 2017, don't miss it! 

All informations for those exhibitions can be found on the Royal Collection Trust website.

Posted: July 26 2017

Bank of England Museum installation

Observing the launch of the new Jane Austen's £10 notes, the Bank of England Museum will explore the Bank's literary connections. 

Our workshop has worked on the different showcases and helped for the installation of the display that will open on the 19 July 2017. 

All information for your visit can be found here

Posted: July 17 2017

Oliver Hoare: Every objects tells a story

Every Objects tells a story ©Lauriane Magnin

Every Objects tells a story ©Lauriane Magnin

We were immensely proud to be chosen by Oliver Hoare to produce mounts, plinths and helped installing his exhibition "Every objects tells a story" that you can admire until the 5 July 2017 at the Lavery Room, 5 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JE. 

This large Cabinet of Curiosities will show you a wide range of exotic and curious objects from all around the world whilst questioning the purpose of collecting. An unmissable exhibition! 

Posted: May 8 2017

Poppy Wreath at St Olave Church

We were comissioned to create a Poppy wreath for Remembrance Day at St Olave Church and are very honoured to have been part of this beautiful project. 

The Wreath can be admired at St Olave Church, plan your visit there.

Poppy Wreath at St Olave

Poppy Wreath at St Olave

Posted: November 7 2016

Silver at the Holburne Museum

Our team worked closely with the Holburne Museum in Bath on the opening of their next exhibition Silver: Light and Shade. The installation will explore the properties and processes behind that material and see around 70 historic and contemporary pieces presented. 

The exhibition is open from 22 October 2016 to 22 January 2017. You can plan your visit to see this extraordinary display here.

Posted: October 21 2016